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High precision Environmental Data

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Do I need any technical knowledge to install an EOS Station? 

Not really; All systems are shipped with all major parts assembled and pre-tested. To save on shipping costs, we dismantle the brackets. Just a screwdriver and wrench is required to assemble these items. The electrical connections are all easily made and identified. 

I can buy a Weather Station on Ebay for $100. Your stations start at $2,500. Why would I spend so much?. 

EOS Weather Instruments is a small company that fabricates all systems in house. We use all local sub-suppliers for our parts. Prior to shipping the systems are tested and a quality assurance is provided for each individual item. The sensors in the EOS Weather systems are the highest quality sensors. Also, after you purchase a unit, we will provide support if required. 

Our systems are sold based on quality, not quantity. 

What about the warranty? 

Standard warranty applies on all system. A copy of the warranty terms can be obtained here. Additional warranty and support programs are available. Please contact us for pricing. 

Looks like a nice system. I would like to use it for my Company and integrate it into my website and / or database. The problem is that I have no idea how to do this... 

No problem; EOS can assist setting up a system. (some remote assistance software must be installed on your PC). For larger projects an engineering fee will be applicable. We also provide ongoing support programs. Please contact us for details. 

I'm a software Engineer and I would like to write my own software. 

We sell the EOS systems as barebone (BB version). That means that only the hardware is supplied. The computer will have a Linux distribution and the system will be delivered with a datasheet required to start programming. Please note that no software support will be provided. 

Does EOS sell outside Canada?

Absolutely! Currently we have systems in Germany and The Netherlands. Our system hold CE certification.