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High precision Environmental Data

Equipment build to last!


Save , Secure, Advanced

Our software makes EOS-1000 stand out compared to our competition;  Where other companies provide you with “a Weather Station” and software that must be installed on a computer with difficult interface procedures, at EOS we have developed an all integrated compact unit that is really “plug and play”. An internet connection is all that is required to get access to the data. No addition computers or “data logging systems” are required to collect and view data.

What are the features of the EOS software;

All data viewed through the on-board web server

  • Local MySql Data base 
  • All the data is stored on the local SD card as well as a local Back up device. The backup device also stores all the settings. In case of a SD card failure, the system is up and running within 30 minutes.
  • Interactive gauges show current weather data. Gauges are updated real-time
  • Powerful graphs allow review of historical data on hourly, daily, monthly and yearly review.
  • Error logs are maintained for maintenance purposes
  • All setup and settings are done in the EOS Webmin Setup menu
  • NOAA reports; Daily, monthly and yearly NOAA reports are being generated 
  • Weather Underground and AWEKAS upload is standard included

EOS Cloud

For a small monthly fee, we offer the option to upload the data from the on-board database to our secure Cloud Server. When using our 3G/4G (off the grid) solution, the Cloud upload is required in order to view current and historical data. 

With emphasis on cyber security, EOS has focused on ensuring that the software and data are secure at all times; SSL encrypted data upload, unique access ports and SSH reverse-tunneling are a few of the securities EOS has implemented.


Our systems are easy to install.  


Swap technology and remote e-service maintenance

Although the EOS-1000 is one of the most advanced Weather Observation monitoring systems, we have ensured that installation is easy. We have developed the EOS-1000 hardware in such way that the assembly and installation is fast, easy and can be done with just a few regular tools. Systems are shipped with most sensors pre-installed on the stainless-steel brackets.

The EOS-1000 is delivered with 2" (50 mm) stainless steel U-bolts for mast mount installation. As the unit could also be mounted on the side of a structure, stainless steel screws also included with the standard delivery.  

After assembly, depending on the choice of Communication interface, the system can be powered up and connected to the internet. A small internal LCD screen will provide all required information to get access to the station.

Once connected to the internet, depending on the model of your station, you will now be able to access the web-based interface to enter the last required information. After that has been completed, the EOS-1000 will now start collecting all the data. 

The easy accessible cable entry allows expansion of optional modules to be easy. Simply unscrew the strain relief and the cable opening will now be wide enough for additional cables to enter the housing. 

We have developed the EOS-1000 based on the highest standards. All systems are build in-house and are thoroughly tested prior to shipment to our customers. In the unlikely case that a station fails, we have implemented a swap-technology for both hardware and software that will make it easy for parts to be exchanged. 

With our maintenance plan, it is possible to receive automatic software updates. This plan will also allow the customer to use our support desk and with our remote e-service it is possible to conduct access to the station to troubleshoot if the software.