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High precision Environmental Data


With the comprehensive line of sensors and modules that are currently available as well as new sensors being under development, farmers will enjoy the EOS Weather systems because of its comprehensive data collection. 

Data specific to the Agriculture Industry such as Solar, Rain, Temperature and Soil moisture content, provide real time as well as important historical data. With the newly developed wireless soil moisture and soil temperature sensor it is now even possible to collect soil moisture and temperature data at several location in one field at three different depth levels*. Even the additional wind module will benefit this industry. With this module, farmers will now be able to determine if wind direction / speed are favorable for crop spraying. When multiple fields must be monitored, several stations can feed data to EOS Cloud. The data can be retrieved from any device with a web browser. (** Distance between sensor and EOS-1000 depends on the local terrain and vegetation)

Marine and Offshore

The rugged design of the EOS products is perfectly suited for deployment in the harsh Marine and Offshore industry. The EOS-500 is the ideal Anemometer for use on board Commercial vessels. In case additional information is required, the EOS-1000 can also be installed on any type of vessel. With a special "Marine Module", data retrieved from a build in GPS will provide Relative and True wind direction and speed. The same marine module will also provide standard NMEA data to other Shipboard Navigational equipment. A 12” or 15" dedicated Marine Display will provide Captain and Officers with up-to-date Meteorological data displayed by the EOS Weather Software.

General Industry

EOS-1000 with optional Camera used in monitoring Environmental data on top of an apartment building.

The EOS Weather Instruments are not just designed for the Agricultural or Marine Industry. There is a wide variety of other Industries where the EOS weather systems can be utilized.

  • Renewable Energy Sector
  • Road / Highway monitoring
  • Schools
  • Radio / TV Stations.
  • Outdoor Sport facilities / Golf Courses